Durga Saptshati & Infinite Dimensional Shree Vidya Sadhna- Episode 6 - Kenya Shivir

ShivYog Durga Saptshati & Infinite Dimensional Shree Vidya Sadhna - Kenya Shivir Episode - 6

This sacred sadhna of the Infinite Dimensional Advait Shree Vidhya is the sacred sadhna that comes down from the lineage of Adi Shankaracharya and remain bound with very few masters, most of them preferring to live in isolation and serve the world from their secluded choices, but we are fortunate to have a master amongst us, living with us, in the world, who chooses to reach out this sacred wisdom to the worthy and aspiring seekers by teaching them with example how to an earnest and dedicated seeker can live amidst the worldly attractions, experience the world and yet move towards one highest goal of taking this human form.


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